About the Fair

Rising City Bursa Residential Estate Show and Bursa Building Fair, an events that will showcase the strength of Turkey and Bursa in the real estate and construction industries, is going to be held in Bursa between April 18-21 by Tüyap Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

The Fairs bring together both domestic and foreign investors through the strong synergy created by the meeting of sector leaders.
THE BURSA BUILDING FAIR, which will exhibit all construction-related innovations and promote new products and services, has been the biggest, strongest and leading event of the region.

RICING CITY BURSA RESIDENTIAL ESTATE SHOW, which brings visitors and current and future residence projects in Bursa and neighboring cities together, offers premium opportunities with suitable interest rates for those wishing to invest in wisely.

The fact that Turkey has been chosen by Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai for real estate contributes to country’s economy and new projects.

Investors who wish to invest their savings in rapidly developing and growing Turkey are choosing Bursa as a metropolitan alternative to Istanbul.  Bursa is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers in Turkey, thanks to its level of industrial and urban development, accommodation and tourism facilities, and educated and modern population structure and its potential to build bridges directly to the outside world. On the other hand, being a suitable location for living and investing with its natural wonders including its protected greenery, mountains and sea attracts the attention of and makes it a choice for investors from the Gulf countries, Arabic countries and Europe.