Press Release-2018

Held with the cooperation between BTSO and TÜYAP Bursa Fairs Organization Inc., who work as a role model to make Bursa the center of fairs in Turkey, Bursa Construction and Decoration Fair and Rising City Residential Estate Show came to an end. The fairs hosted 195 companies that created a stand to promote their products and projects and came together with the visitors in 6 different halls on an area of 35 thousand square meters. Both domestic and international investors were highly interested in the fairs, which hosted the visitors at TÜYAP Bursa International Fair Convention and Congress Center on April 11-15.
BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Ibrahim Burkay underlined that the importance of marketing and promotion of goods and services released on global markets are as important as manufacturing. Talking about the great strides that Bursa has made in fair events over recent years, Mr. Burkay told that they were aiming to raise the bar for fair events higher with Bursa, which presents the goods and services of business world representatives to nearly 200 countries and regions.
BTSO Chairman Mr. Burkay explained that Bursa Construction and Decoration Fair, and the Residential Estate Show, the 3rd edition of which was held this year, were events that shaped the growth of industries. Ibrahim Burkay reported that this year, the two concurrently held fairs were visited by investors from 34 countries, especially countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar which afford high potential for investment in the city. Describing how more than 300 foreign buyers came together with companies from Bursa as part of BTSO's Commercial Safari Project with support by TÜYAP Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. and the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Burkay said, "The success of our country in construction and residential estate industries is acknowledged by the world. The fact that there are 46 Turkish companies among top 250 big contractor companies in the world is the biggest indicator of this. Our industry is a driving force in national economy, and I believe it will maintain its successful trajectory in 2018 and later years. Our concurrently held fairs will continue their mission of increasing business volume for the industry in the following years."
Chairman Mr. Burkay told that, as BTSO, they are continuing the purchasing committee programs that contribute to export-oriented growth of industries. Mr. Burkay went on to say that they will be organizing a purchasing committee program at Merinos AKKM as part of Food Ur-Ge (Improving International Competitiveness) Project on April 17-21, and that around 160 businesspeople from 34 countries will be taking part in this event.
TÜYAP Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. General Manager Ilhan Ersozlu explained that 46,014 people from 34 countries and 35 provinces in Turkey visited Bursa Construction and Decoration Fair and Rising City Bursa Residential Estate Show, which were organized through cooperation between IMSIAD, BEMO, and Bursa Chamber of Painters and Decorators. Talking about how Rising City Residential Estate Show was held with the participation of construction companies and real estate consultant firms and provided profitable opportunities for people interested in houses as end consumers as well as those who wish to invest in real estate such as housing, offices, land, shops and get the most out of their savings no matter the budget, Mr. Ersozlu said, "Held concurrently with the Residential Estate Show and as the second biggest gathering in Turkey, Bursa Construction and Decoration Fair featured a wide range of products from doors to kitchens, from paint to insulation materials and took the pulse of the industry as a strong act of convergence in the region.   Our concurrently held fairs brought vitality to trade of industry both in Bursa and in Turkey with contributions to residential estate sales." Mr. Ersozlu also mentioned that visitors were highly interested in urban renewal projects.
Mr. Ersozlu reported that, as a city with rapid development and growth in construction, Bursa hosted important investors coming from abroad for the duration of the fairs.  Speaking about how efforts by BTSO and contributions by TÜYAP foreign offices and the Ministry of Economy allowed investors from Germany, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, France, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Switzerland, Qatar, Kosovo, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Oman, Jordan and Yemen to seal the deal on important cooperation in Bursa, Mr. Ersozlu said, "We would like to thank all participants and visitors and the press for their interest in our fairs that we organized with BTSO and lead the way in the promotion of Bursa and support tourism and commerce in the city, as well as all associations and chambers for their contribution to the preparation of the fairs."